Our Goal at Splendid Kitchens is to provide you with the best cabinetry and a design that accommodates your space and budget.

Initial Design Consultation:  We will guide you through the initial consultation helping you make your cabinet choices including cabinet construction options and design criteria. You should bring to this meeting any, images, ideas, blueprints, measurements, or drawings (including those on napkins) that you have available.

Design Concept and Budget: An estimated cost of the cabinetry for your home will be generated after our meeting based on the initial selections and will include a drawing of the layout as discussed during the initial design consultation.  Budget establishment is critical at this point and it should be well understood by both parties.

Design Retainer: We will require a Design Retainer at this point to move forward with your project. This nonrefundable fee will be approximately 5% of the expected cabinetry cost and will be credited toward the purchase amount of your cabinetry if the cabinetry is purchased within six months of the initial Design Retainer payment.

Design Development: We will design your Splendid Kitchen using three dimensional software to show you exactly how your kitchen will look. We will have a maximum of two additional design meetings to discuss any revisions or changes. We will provide finish samples for your approval. We will schedule a final field measurement to ensure all dimensions are accurate prior to placing the order.

Project Quote and Order: You will be given full plan and elevation drawings, a quote of your cabinet costs, and an estimated time of delivery. 75% of the cabinet quote will be required as a deposit prior to ordering your cabinetry. We generally receive an acknowledgement within two days from the manufacturer.  We will inform you that your order was confirmed and give you the expected delivery date.

Delivery & Installation: We will deliver the cabinetry still in the factory boxes. Final payment for the cabinetry is expected prior to moving the cabinets into the home. Any boxes apparently damaged in shipping will be opened for inspection. We reccomend that the cabinets be installed as soon as possible after their delivery as this will not only keep the cabinets from potential damage by other trades but also will expose any unseen damage, problems or missing parts. Cabinet cost does not include installation. We can provide installation upon request.

Our Promise: We Promise that our Quote is your final price. Any damaged cabinets or problems will be rapidly replaced or remedied at no additional cost to you. We will see your Splendid Kitchen through to its final detail.