How do you know when it’s time for a kitchen remodel?

When you think about your kitchen remodel, do you know it’s simply time or are there other nagging factors that are telling you that NOW is the absolute time?

Here are four reasons why we highly recommend you start looking into a custom kitchen remodel for you and your home:


You’ve got too many people and not enough kitchen.  Has your lifestyle and connections outgrown your kitchen?  Your kitchen may have worked when you first moved in, but maybe your children are growing or grown or your community has grown and it’s time to upgrade and rearrange the layout so there is more flow when you have the people you love all gathering in the kitchen together.

You cringe when you open your cupboards.  Here’s another case of celebrating growth in your life and an indicator that it’s time for an upgrade. If your tupperware is bursting at the seams, or you’ve held onto dishes, pots, pans and everything else between that you've been gifted over the years and there is no longer room, your kitchen is begging for an upgrade! What would it be like if every time you opened your kitchen cupboards, you could see what was in there and you knew where everything was, wasting no time searching for lids or those unique kitchen items that are only used for special occasions.

The design of your kitchen is not allowing an easy flow while you cook. How much do you enjoy your kitchen?  A lot? A little? Or none at all? We have found through our happy customers that when the design of the kitchen allows the cooks of the family to reach all necessary equipment with ease, everybody is happier!  When the kitchen is too cramped or designed without a cook in mind, it can leave everybody in a grumpy mood by the time dinner is ready.

You no longer want to invite friends over in fear of what they will think of your kitchen.  Have you ever felt like you’ve wanted friends to come over and then you held back because, oh gosh, our kitchen is a mess? Wouldn’t it be great to have a kitchen that you cannot wait to invite people to come and enjoy a meal with?

Now that you are fired up about having a new kitchen, what’s next?

Visit out Kitchen Remodel calculator HERE and find out what it would cost for a remodel and then give us a call at  970.403.8577 to speak with us to discuss what is possible with your kitchen.