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Those of us who live in Colorado can’t get enough of the great outdoors-- we work hard and play outside even harder. This particular kitchen is a perfect fit for the Colorado lifestyle. We exist surrounded by the beauty of nature and incredible mountainous landscapes, but also appreciate the convenience and stylishness of modern day appliances. This Mountain Modern look is perfect for nature lovers.

The key to achieving this modern yet rustic look is merging clean lines with natural elements to create an informal elegance. The natural wood stains, stone countertops, and warm lighting we bring nature inside while the open floor plan, modern appliances, features, and furniture bring a clean, modern feel.


Natural wood stains are key to this Mountain Modern look, and cabinetry is one of the main features of this kitchen. Family-owned, American-made, and focused on environmental sustainability, Crystal Cabinetry is a great option for the health and environmentally conscious consumer. Modern style and consciousness meet with their many stains to choose from-- all stains are GreenGuard certified and emit zero volatile organic compounds (VOC) once cured. Crystal uses recycled materials as well as rapidly renewable materials while still delivering top-notch quality. With Crystal, you can build a beautiful, nature inspired kitchen that you can feel good about. Visit Splendid Kitchens to learn more about Crystal Cabinets and their green building.

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Warm lighting features over the islands or eating nooks add a lovely ambiance and calming energy to a kitchen, perfect for enjoying an evening meal or winding down around friends and family after a long day of hiking.

Brighter LED lighting is best featured with dimmers, under cabinets or over work spaces to illuminate work spaces while cooking or preparing food.


Stone countertops and granite bring nature and function together. One good option for a countertop that is both aesthetically pleasing and sustainable are Quartz countertops manufactured in the US by Cambria like the one pictured above. That being said, there are even greener options worth looking into if granite or quartz countertops are not incredibly important to you; such as recycled glass and wood.

Get this kitchen with:

Cabinets - Crystal Cabinetry

Belmont Style Door with Truffle Stain on Cherry Wood

Walnut Wood

Pendant Lighting

Farmhouse Sink

Quartz Countertops