How to choose the correct kitchen lighting

Lighting is an important consideration in the design of any room - and can often be overlooked or under considered. For kitchens especially, the majority of most budgets can be quickly used up on appliances, furniture, cabinets, counter tops, and more. Lighting, however, plays a much more important role in the ambiance and atmosphere of the kitchen than one may initially imagine.

Kitchens are truly the lifeblood of the home, and inadequate lighting can affect one of the most important places where families gather, share meals, and make memories. In addition, when moving into a new home, people often rarely consider changing existing lighting, accepting the current setup without first considering the possibility that they can radically change the way that the room feels.



Using only one type of light source in the kitchen does not adequately illuminate all of the important surfaces and cabinet space. As a cost-saving measure, people will often install one large overhead light in the kitchen with the intention of lighting the entire room. Too often these lights are fluorescent or unnecessarily bright, creating a sterile or uncomfortable ambiance. A more comfortable and far more pleasing method of lighting a kitchen involves using a combination of lighting ‘layers’ that allow the homeowner to manage light in different areas of the room.

There are a number of different lighting options available, each of which serves a unique and distinctive purpose. Task lights help to illuminate the most-visited areas of the kitchen – pantries, counter tops, and most importantly; the kitchen sink. Accent lighting works to highlight particular areas of the room, adding a sense of depth to cabinets and counter tops. Decorative lighting serves as both a general source of light and as decoration for the room. The eye is naturally drawn to these types of lights, and they are commonly used above sinks and kitchen islands. Finally, ambient lighting is used to provide a soft base layer of light for the entire room. This type of lighting aims to fill the room but not to dominate it.

With all that in mind, the opportunity to properly light your kitchen also requires that a lot of choices be made. Nowadays there are thousands of different light fixtures from which to choose, making the decision process more difficult. Picking the right fixtures for your kitchen depends not only on their intended purpose, but also are pleasing to the eye and your personal aesthetics. 




When choosing fixtures, it’s paramount to consider where they will go in a room and what purpose they will provide. It is more common for homes to have open layouts where the kitchen, dining area, and living area are all located in the same room without separation. Your kitchen lighting, therefore, may have an effect on the ambiance of these surrounding areas as well, meaning that the decision will have to consider how the kitchen lighting will affect these areas.

Kitchen islands provide unique opportunities for lighting in the kitchen, most often in the form of one or more pendant lights. If you have a kitchen island, you have to consider how the fixtures you choose will affect the lighting of surrounding surfaces. These pendant lights will often be the first thing that people see when they enter the kitchen, so it’s crucial that these lights reflect the overall style of your kitchen and home, as well as provide a


We firmly believe that paying special attention to every aspect and design feature of your kitchen will provide you with the kitchen your home deserves and will inspire your cuisine. Flexible lighting options in particular play a concrete role in creating a warm, inviting kitchen environment.

Here at Splendid Kitchens we are more than happy to assist you in the process of choosing the right lighting for your future kitchen space. We have years of experience with many different styles of kitchens, both classic and contemporary.


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