If you are itching to update your home or office and looking for some design inspiration, we at Splendid Kitchens love design and are pleased to help! Check out some of the latest trends for what’s hot in 2016:

1. More useable interiors

Rooms that are “decorated” and also functional, including family and pet-friendly.One of the ways people are achieving this is by using outdoor fabrics indoors. Using an outdoor fabric allows you to use lighter whites and creams that might not work in a traditional fabric.Most outdoor fabrics are stain resistant, and many are coated so that liquids ball up instead of soaking in. Most also have very high double rubs or durability. They are also UV resistant so that strong sun light won’t cause the fabrics to fade over time.

Click here to visit one of our favorite manufacturers, Kravet.

2. Mixing Metals

As a designer, I notice that this is one of the things that people unnecessarily worry about.We can’t tell you how many discussions we have had on this very topic. Mixing metals is not only OK, it’s in style! Mixing metals goes along with the more eclectic design styles that people are striving for. Mixing metals is a great way to add a personal touch that is unique to you and your space. There are some very cool copper and rose colored metals also popping up in the design world. Source: http://www.zgallerie.com

3. Extra-large format tiles

12”x24” tiles have become quite common. Manufactures are going even bigger. Large format tiles are a great way to minimize grout joints and really show off some exciting textures and patterns. Make sure you discuss the installation with your contractor, as large format tiles can be tricky to install if your floors/walls are not level.

Here is a link to a seriously large tile from Crossville: http://crossvilleinc.com/solutions/laminam/

4. Bold Powder Rooms

Powder rooms are an easy room to go wild in and express your creativity. Powder rooms are one of the spaces in your home that most guests will visit. They are also contained, so why not do something different than the rest of your home? They are usually a smaller space so you can splurge on some higher end materials without as much expense, and they can be changed more often than a large complex space.We love this bee-inspired wall paper.


5. Art Deco-inspired shapes and patterns

Art Deco was a popular style in the 1920 through the 1940’s, and has always been one of our favorite eras.  We are so glad to see references to this style returning. Art Deco accents and details can be used to create glamorous and eclectic spaces. This style can be elegant, while also being fun and playful with punches of color.

Here is a beautiful Art Deco historical photo. We are inspired by the clean lines and nostalgic flair!

Wallpaper is an easy way to reference this style:

A new release from Ann Sacks tile, it references the Art Deco style and mixes metals.  We have a powder bath in mind with this…

One of the biggest mistakes we see people making in their home interior is the beige-on-brown-on -tan look, otherwise known as BLAH. People don’t trust themselves with color and pattern.  “What if I get tired of it?” is what we often hear. If you pick colors and/or patterns that are classic and that you LOVE, no matter how ‘out there’ they may seem, you will derive much more pleasure from that space than if you had played it safe!  Your home is an expression of you, and if you express yourself with an interesting or unique interior space people will appreciate it, even if it doesn’t reflect their own tastes.  They may think to themselves, "The painted wood tiles that reference cement - why didn’t we think of that?”  You never know – you may provide some design inspiration to someone else!

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